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What is your ROC?

What is your ROC?
by Shlomo Birnbaum


Every business owner knows what ROI is and how to calculate it, but can you figure out what your R.O.C (Return On Culture) is?

Culture can actually be difficult to invest in, especially if you don’t understand its importance and the fact that you actually cannot (and don’t need to) measure ROC. Office culture a way of life for the modern day business employee, as well as for your customers. Some managers think they can take their office staff out on a field trip twice a year or schedule an spa day in the office in order to create some semblance of culture, but such token gestures will not move the needle and you will not see ANY return.

Office culture is created by every aspect of the office that one experiences, beginning with the moment you first step inside. It’s the way they are greeted by others, the fresh, clean office environment they first behold, and even the aromas they smell when they come in, the coffee and snacks offered to them, the furniture that supports them and creates a work area which helps them to be productive but not closed off…

The Return on Culture is what results from providing everyone who works in the company with an environment that makes them enjoy coming to and being at work. It will never replace their desire to be home, nor should it, but it can be a close second. You can make the office a place where people corroborate for the purpose of making YOU – the business owner – more money, where they enjoy achieving difficult but attainable goals, where the competition fades in the rear view mirror because the office energy is so high that the competition may as well not be in the race. Your ROC is reaching the point where your employees and your company are in a class by themselves to the point that your customers love working with you and love to give you their business, not because you have the best price or even because you bring the most value, but because they love being engaged by your culture.

Don’t spend too much time trying to analyze and calculate your ROC, because if you don’t hurry and appreciate the importance of giving the modern day worker what they need, your competition will.


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